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Antisocial Soap2Day

Five university friends gather at a house party to ring in the New Year. Unbeknownst to them, an epidemic has erupted outside, causing outbreaks around the world. With nowhere else to turn, they barricade themselves indoors with only their phones, laptops, and other tech devices. They use their devices to research the possible cause of this outbreak. Information and video footage over flow their computers as they descend further into the cause and the ensuing chaos. As the virus spreads, the mood in the house changes from fear to paranoia. Who is safe? Who can they trust? Reality becomes blurred as they slowly discover the source of the virus causing the sickness…and there is no going back.

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Duration: 90 min


IMDb: 4.5

333710 1

Rotten Tomatoes: 25%

What are the user ratings of "Antisocial" movie?
Viewers from all over the world gave the movie the following ratings: IMDB - 4.5, Rotten Tomatoes - 25%.
Who is the creator of the movie Antisocial?
The director of the movie Cody Calahan.
How long is the Antisocial movie ?
The movie runs for 90 minutes.
When was the release of the movie Antisocial?
The film was released on wide screens 28 Jan 2014.
How many nominations did the movie Antisocial win?
The film took the following: 1 nomination.
What are the genres of the movie "Antisocial"?
Film is in the genres of Horror, Thriller.
Where can I watch the trailer for the movie?
You can watch the trailer for the movie at the following link on YouTube - https:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCM4Uu7DC2w.